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A Rampage of Appreciation for My Bulimia Recovery

I’ve been so touched and inspired by the bulimia recovery stories people have shared with me over the years.  Today, I’m moved to share a rampage of appreciation for all of the women who’ve shared their stories plus my recovery gifts. So here goes..

I love that women everywhere are finding their way to recovery and allowing their hearts to heal.

I love that I’ve come to know myself more and more each day and that’s opened me up to share my experiences so I can inspire and empower others.

I love that with each day we have an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and continually get to know who we really are.

I love knowing that even the things that at the time feel or seem bad, wrong or disappointing are really there to serve and teach me.


I appreciate all of the people who’ve listened to my story, read my blog or have contacted me along the way to show their support for what I’m up to.

I love looking into each new day with a positive outlook and seeing where the magic will unfold.

I love knowing that I’m a co-creator in my life and that things are meant to go well for me.

I know that my natural state is well being and that when I’m tuned into my nature, everything I want can come to me.

I love knowing that if I pinch myself off from the stream of well being flowing to me that I control that and can correct it by paying attention to how I feel.

I love being a part of this co-creative universe as a spiritual being having a human experience.

I love sharing what I’ve learned with other people so that they can also learn from my life’s experiences.


I appreciate my husband, my kitties, my dog, my chickens, my family, my community, my master mind partners, my coach and the people around me who are a part of my journey.

I know that the better it gets the better it gets.

I know that I can be, do or have anything I want.

I am in the flow of the universe when I feel good and when I don’t I can move myself up the scale of vibration with my thoughts and attention on something that is beautiful or makes me happy.

I love that I’m supposed to go easy about it.  My life isn’t meant to be a struggle or striving process.  It’s supposed to be a thriving journey.

I love that the more I find to appreciate and enjoy, the happier I am the more I’ll attract happiness into my life.

I love watching my kitties play.

I love watching the sun rise.

I love hiking.

I love eating healthy foods.

I love be vital and alive.

I love feeling strong and fit in my body.

I love hot yoga.

I love walks on the beach with my husband.

I love traveling to new places.

I love laughing with my friends.

I love sitting in the warm sun with a cold drink and basking – just basking.

I love people watching.

I love the feel of a cozy bed.

I love sleeping in.

I love breathing deeply.

I love pizza.

I love warm summer days.

I love mountain streams and forests with big trees.

I love being alive.

I love practicing what I know and seeing the results of it every day.

I love writing on my blog.

I love talking with people who are lit up by their passions and truly living a life of self.

I love connecting with people and really feeling what they’re saying with their heart, not just their words.

I love this rampage of appreciation process. It’s fun remembering what all I love and focusing my vibration up to one where I feel alive and unstoppable.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my rampage and I encourage you to journal your own now that you’ve read this or share below what you have to appreciate.