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Regain Your Power Over Food – Webinar May 16th

One of my favorite things to teach about the bulimia recovery process is The Triad.  The Triad is how you create your state of being – or just your “state” – and is made up of three important factors.

  1. Body – what are you doing with your physical body will put you into a state.  Someone who is in an empowered state will look very differently than someone who’s depressed or anxious.
  2. Mind – what you are predominantly thinking affects your state because your thoughts and emotions are integrally linked.  If you’re thinking negative, anxious, binge thoughts you’re feeling anxious and ready to binge.
  3. Words – the language you’re using to talk about things in your life will either empower or disempower you.  If you’re worried, talking about how bad things are all the time not only do you have yourself in a bad state now, but because of law of attraction you’re bringing more of that into your life.
To help you learn more about how these things affect your state and how you can change your state by changing each of these, sign up for my upcoming webinar called Regain Your Power Over Food.

This webinar is designed to teach you how to release the shame you’re having that’s creating the negative, disempowering state and patterns you’re stuck in that are having you spiral out of control downwards.  There ARE things you can do to change each of these areas of your state that can pull you out of a disempowered state and into lasting bulimia recovery.  Sign up for the webinar so I can teach you tools you can use today to make a huge shift in your daily life.

What are you doing to daily monitor your body, mind and words Share your comments below.