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The Sliding Emotional Scale: Empowerment vs Disempowerment

Emotional Guidance Scale Abraham HicksI loved this message from Abraham Hicks today and want to share it with you (video below).

If you’ve ever listened to Abraham talk before you understand the sliding scale they often refer to.  The sliding scale is from fear on the negative end to joy/bliss on the other end.

In this message Abraham talks about how anything we want in our life is caused by us matching our vibration to what we want.  It’s really up to us to control our vibration in order to align with what we want. What was about this from Abraham was the fact that the sliding scale of where we are and what we want is about empowerment or dis-empowerment.

Wherever we are on the sliding scale of emotions is either moving us towards empowerment or away from it.  When we feel our way towards more positive emotions, we are empowered, we manifest those things we want.

Abraham reminds us that whenever we ask it is given.  We have to be optimistic about what’s coming in our life in order to receive what we want.  Feeling our way to better feelings soothes our resistance to so we can align with who we’ve become.  Going general about our emotions, if we’re not feeling good at the moment, will help soften the resistance.  We’ll move up the sliding scale and be more empowerment when we reach for better feeling thoughts.

May this inspire you to reach for better feeling thoughts when you catch yourself resisting and feeling dis-empowered.

If the video player doesn’t display, here’s link to it on YouTube: