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Just Announced: Spiritual Warrior Mentoring

Spiritual Warrior Training is at the heart of who I am.  I see it as part of my divine purpose and reason for being.

If you’ve ever heard the phrases…

Everything happens for a reason


There are no accidents in life


Then you can relate to feeling aligned with your higher purpose.  I had bulimia for 20 years and I asked myself questions like, “why am I doing this to myself?”  or “why am I still binging and purging?”  I asked that every day for a loooong time.

Well, now I know.

I believe the reason I had bulimia for so long is because of a number of factors, but the biggest one being tied to my higher purpose.  My divine contract with the Universe.


I did a lot of workshops during the mid-2000’s in the areas of personal transformation and development.  I was working on my inner game.  Trying to sort out “Who is Polly?” That, I’ve learned, is a on-going question, but the answer I came to in 2006 was this…

Who I am is a TEACHER,  a LEADER, and a GUIDE.

I’ve replayed this phrase over in my mind repeatedly ever since.  It was my mantra and calling.

I have had glimpses of myself being a guide – like when someone would ask me for directions on the street.  I’d show them how to get where they were trying to go and I’d say, “See, I’m being a guide!

In 2009 I started teaching people about entrepreneurship and how to start a small business.  I remember teaching my first night (after I came down off the high of presenting) I said, “See, I’m being a teacher“.

For many years whenever I’d catch myself being a teacher or a guide I’d recognize that I was being my highest self.  What I felt called to do.  What gave me access to my highest self while being a contribution to others.

It All Comes Together

The last part of who I see myself as is a leader.  I have various aspects of my personal and professional life where people probably see me as a leader, but I’ve never really seen it for myself.

Until now.


The shift is happening because I realize as I started, my bulimia recovery website, and have been taking on building an online community for women’s self-empowerment and bulimia awareness that I’m now being a leader.  A leader in the world of personal transformation for women and men with eating disorders.

Nothing gives me greater joy than being a contribution to people’s lives. The online workshop I did last night on The 3 Keys to Beating Bulimfa felt so good. When I share my gifts, I feel I’m being my highest self.

Spiritual Warrior Mentoring

What’s next for me is to launch powerfully into mentoring others through my Spiritual Warrior Group Mentoring Program.  I love knowing that I’m walking the spiritual warrior recovery path and that I can help people who are in the darkness of bulimia find their way through the tunnel and out into the light.

I receive emails each week from men and women who have made it to the other side of bulimia and when they do they feel so light, happy and incredibly grateful.  It’s like taking off a mask, heavy cloak or anchor you’ve had around your neck that you’ve been dragging around with you for years.

If you have bulimia or are in recovery, but struggling through it…always wondering if you might slip up and start binging and purging again then there’s still some soul searching and deeper digging to be done.

It wasn’t until I did the work beneath the surface on my connection with Source, my higher self, did I finally feel the relief of the urge to binge go away.  If you’re working on the surface stuff – emotional eating, structured food plans or any of that premature business (that’s pointless without a connection to your Source), then I’m here to tell you it’s only a matter of time before you slip up.

The work to find sustainable, lasting recovery and really begin to thrive in your life is built upon a foundation that starts with you knowing who YOU are.  Once you know who you are, you can start to understand the bigger picture.  The picture that includes you as a spiritual being having a human being experience.  When you come to know your God-self, your highest self, your inner being or whatever you want to call it, you can then move powerfully out of the throws of your eating disorder and into your life.

No amount of therapy, programs or positive thinking is going to change your surroundings until you come to sense your deeper purpose, your connection to Self, and know your big why for being here.  Once you can connect with this, the work of recovery starts to unfold in a such a more natural way.  You won’t feel like you’re struggling with it.  You’ll feel like it’s just part of what’s next.

Your Bulimia Recovery Awaits

My Spiritual Warrior Group Mentoring recovery program is a way for you to come to understand the spiritual journey that we’re all on.  I’ve done a lot of work over the past 7 years to know my true self and I want you to know your true self, too.  I believe you’re reading this because you’re called to know your higher purpose in life.  You’re inspired by my recovery and that of others and know that deep down you can recover, too.  You hear the calling to live a life of purpose – one where your heart sings, you feel free to express yourself and dance around like no one’s watching.

If you feel this calling, then check out my Spiritual Warrior Group Mentoring program and let’s walk together on this part of our journey together.  I promise you your life will not look the same after this program.

Click here for details and to register for the Spiritual Warrior Group Mentoring Program