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Step 7 of Overeaters Anonymous – Ask and It is Given

As part of my continued Ode to the 12 Days of Christmas for Bulimics and Anorexics this post is about Step 7 of Overeaters Anonymous, which reads:

Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

Have you ever read the book Ask and It is Given by Abraham Hicks?  This step reminds me a lot of their work on the Law of Attraction and the Law of Allowing.  I highly recommend all of their work so please check out their site and be sure to tune in to their videos on YouTube, too.

Step 7 of the 12 steps of Overeaters Anonymous reminds me of how it is the contrast (upsets, frustrations, judgments, etc) in our life are there so we can determine what we do want.  The things you’ve worked on up to this point in your journey through the 12 steps of OA have caused you to focus your attention on what you don’t want.  You have done a deep dive into who you are and what your life looks like in the moment.  Consider for a moment: how can you know who you want to be (do or have) if you don’t see things in your life to help you form a vision for yourself?

Your work in the previous steps has been to get clear about what’s not working in your life so you can create a vision or a future worth living into.  By deciding the contrast of your life – the people, places and events that have upset or caused you to think negative thoughts – are there for two reasons actually.  First, they show you what you’re sending out to the world and by Law of Attraction you’re attracting into your experience.  They also show you a point of reference so you can powerfully create – by asking – for what you DO want your life to look like.

It’s sometimes hard for us to accept or embrace the negative things that happen in our life.  The depths of depression, the relentless binging and purging, the worrisome nights alone are actually points of attraction to cause us to ask for something different for ourselves.  As I look back on my 20 years with an eating disorder I was just telling a friend the other day when she said “how terrible that you went through that” I can powerfully and without remorse say “no, really that was a good thing that I experienced”.  It turns out the deep sadness, loneliness and lack of self love caused me to create a really awesome life to live into.  It was when I became a vibration match for that new life that my transformation began.  That’s what recovery is.  And you can have it, too.

I’ll teach you one thing (quickly)that has helped me in overcoming bulimia and living in recovery and that’s the Law of Attraction and Law of Allowing.  It’s a 3 Step Process:

1)    ASK – you find something in your life that you don’t want that allows you to clearly define what you do want.  You muster up your emotion behind the thing you do want (you really, really want it!) and then let it go.  Be fun and light about it, but sincere.

2)    SOURCE ANSWERS – this is the work of Source or the Universe.  You don’t do any work here.  The instant you ask Source answers and it is manifested in vibrational reality (the place before it manifests in physical reality).

3)    RECEIVE – your work in this stage is believing or expecting.  You get what you expect in life, not what you ask for.  If you expect recovery and you focus on being a recovered bulimic, you will be that.  It is law.

The negative things that may be happening in your life right now are causing you to ask and if you’re where I think you may be, you’re asking from a very emotional, powerful state.  That’s a great place to be actually!

When you can then tune your vibration, your energy, your emotions day to day to what you do want, Source will respond and that which you’ve asked for will naturally show up in your life.  I’ve seen it hundreds of times in my own life and I trust that it’s how this reality works.

Want to give it a try?  Think of something you want with great emotional fervor.  Something that the thought of makes you feel happy, joyous and fulfilled.  Feel the feeling of having it now.  Not like…I wish someday I would have recovery.  Instead play with the idea of “what if I were recovered and living a happy, abundant, carefree life…”  Think on that for at least one minute a day and really feel the feeling of having it in your experience.  If you practice that new vibration – one of recovery and happiness – you cannot help but begin to transform the reality you’re living in.

Give it time.  Remember you get what you expect, so up to this point you’ve been expecting your life to look the way it does now.  Soon, you your life will begin to shift because you’ve shifted your point of attraction.

If you’d like to share your comments or feedback on my interpretation of this (step 7 of OA), please feel free to leave a message below.

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