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The Process of Manifestation in a Binge Eating Disorder

Bulimics can easily recognize their binge eating disorder by the way that it is characterized – rapid eating, out of control eating, followed by acute regret, guilt, even self loathing, and the subsequent purging.  The often vicious purging. This is the cycle of self-destructive behavior that typifies the binge eating problem that is to be confronted if you ever want to live a normal life again.

Recovery has to be a process, a cycle of manifestation that needs to be undergone, if you want to overcome bulimia. It isn’t just learning how to stop binge eating. I’m talking about a process that can lead to the ultimate goal of recovery, or healing, and something approaching normalcy and happiness.

As a person who has beaten a binge eating disorder after 20 years of suffering I can tell you that my path to recovery consisted of a process of manifestation that was made possible when I realized my life was made up of these four steps:

My Thoughts – Approaching the binge eating problem logically by paying attention to my thoughts. What am I feeling that is causing me to lose control? What are the triggers that are causing me to behave in this self-destructive manner? Who or what circumstances are behind this apparent lack of self-control? I had to change my self-destructive thoughts first.

My Feelings – The second step of the process of manifestation I examined were my feelings.  What are my feelings towards stress? What does that food represent? What are the feelings that invariably give rise to a binge? By binging am I avoiding feeling something? Confronting feelings and recognizing them for what they are can be scary.  It means looking within and sometimes feeling things that I may not want to deal with. But I eventually learned that all feelings pass.  Feeling the feelings when I have them and moving them through me was important.

My Actions – Examining my thoughts and confronting my feelings takes me to the next step, which leads to a change in my actions. As I change the way that I feel about the things that happen to me (and myself) I am better able to change and manage my actions.  This really is where the rubber meets the road if your goal is overcoming bulimia.  Nothing happens to change your reality until you take action (or don’t take an action).

My results – Changing my thoughts, feelings, and then my actions were the necessary sequence of events that brought me out of my binge eating disorder and finally my recovery results. The results I manifested included greater self love and consequently the ability to better love others around me. I manifested a happier me!