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There Are No Setbacks in Life – Lesson 2 of 7 from Abraham-Hicks Workshop

This is Lesson 2 of what I learned from my first Abraham Hicks workshop that I recently attended.  Just to catch you up if you want to know about the entire series, here’s all 7 of the lessons I’m working on this week.

Lesson 1: You have to care about how you feel.

Lesson 2: There are no setbacks in life.

Lesson 3: Speak only about what you want.

Lesson 4: We create reality from our vibrational atmosphere.

Lesson 5: The path is being laid out for you.

Lesson 6: Stop beating yourself up for where you are.

Lesson 7: You get rid of doubt by not having it.

Lesson 2: There Are No Setbacks in Life


When Abraham said “there are no setbacks in life” at this workshop it was like time stood still for a minute while those words sunk into the depths of my being.  The part of me that knew that was true woke up and went….”umm…shit…but yeah you’re right!

Ok, let me set the stage just a little so you understand where that ah-ha moment came from.

So, this guy gets up in the hot seat and tells the story about divine timing of this bridge collapsing on a semi-truck, but completely missing the passenger cab and landing on the semi’s cargo portion.  Even though there was traffic in both directions on that freeway the bridge collapse didn’t touch even one person.  Everyone walked away.

Divine timing.

You’ve probably heard “there are no accidents” and “everything happens for a reason…and that reason is there to serve you“.

Then, this guy went to explain how he was sort of a movie producer/maker and was in the middle of the production of a movie and something happened that seemed really bad.  I can’t remember if he used the word “setback”, but you could tell whatever it was that happened it seemed like it was jacked up and he didn’t initially want it to happen.  He then went on to say that after he resolved whatever it was as he looked back it was actually the best thing that could have happened.

That’s when Abraham said those magical words….

There are no setbacks in life.

While I’m here I’m going to sprinkle in a few other tidbits she said after that just for emphasis…

There is no less than.

There is no regression.

There are no setbacks.

You are free when you don’t look at something as a setback.

You’re never off your path.  You can be looking at conditions like they don’t make sense.

I’m right where I want to be.

Where I stand now is all there is.

Understand in every moment there are always two perspectives.  The way Source/the Universe sees the moment and the way you’re perceiving it.

This looks bad (our human perception of the situation).

This is a good thing (how Source sees it from bigger perspective of what’s going on).

Be happy regardless of the conditions.  That is deliberate creating.

A problem appeared on my path to create more robust clarity to the solution.

There can’t be really great solutions without really great questions/problems.

I know that’s a lot of random-ness.  Random thoughts just spilled out onto the page, but I can’t think of a better way to express to you what took place than to just spill out from my notes.  I think you’re getting it.

If you can step back from the situation you’re perceiving as a problem and see it the way Source sees it, then you release yourself from the struggle, suffering or whatever negative emotion you’ve created based upon the conditions.

Now for a little insight into how to apply this in your life.  Here are a few things I do when I face a seeming problem in life:

  • I ask myself “what’s trying to happen here?” or “I wonder what’s trying to happen here?” Asking that allows me to step out of my own ego-centered perception and try to open up to other possibilities that may exist about the situation. I find relief in asking myself that.
  • I remember “everything is always working out for me” and try to relax into knowing that whatever is in front of me is part of my path and is supposed to happen for my highest evolution.  Just relax – things will always get better.  The sun always comes up tomorrow.  It may feel like winter at the moment, but I know spring is right around the corner.
  • If I’m in a high-flying place when the shit hits the fan I have the capacity to even say “awesome, I’m about to grow!” or “this means good things are right around the corner“.
  • One of my dear friends introduced me to the idea of having a “Pity Party”.  She found me when I was in the slumps once and said, “it’s ok dear.  We all need to have pity parties.  Just have it…for an hour, a few, or a day, but then move the fuck on!”  Enjoy the pity party because in the negative state you’re creating energy in the opposite direction.  Out of bad you create good/better things in your future.

As I’m typing this I feel a little like a liar.  I can tell you it’s often easier to see the good in someone else’s negative situation. (sound familiar?) I can’t tell you how many times I’ve given people high fives when they tell me they lost their job.


They looked at me like I was crazy.  Oh well, let’s just say them saying that made it super clear to me they were on their path and the next best thing they were creating for their future was just waiting in the wings.  It’s turned out to be true, but it is awkward in the moment when they’re in the doldrums.

I said I was feeling a little like a liar because I’m still in the process of seeing every set back as a blessing.  As part of my divine path.  Heck, I was in a mild car accident (no one was injured, just went off road, hit chunk of pavement and had two flat tires) two weekends ago and it ended up costing me over $2,000 and a lot of wasted time/energy to process through the situation.  In the moment, I was pretty fucking pissed off about the whole thing, but I honestly kept saying “I need to get in the damn vortex”.  I knew my vibration was off and that’s why I was creating this negative-seeming situation/problem.  I had trouble shaking the negative energy.  I want to admit that to you so you realize even someone who likes to think she knows how all this stuff works still has “off” moments.

The key, as I tell my coaching clients, is that you don’t live there.  You don’t beat yourself up about not doing it perfectly.  Yes, as a student of personal development and a teacher/coach I would love to tell you I do it perfectly all the time, but the truth is I don’t.  And that’s ok.  We are all in a constant state of evolution and growth.

I know what to do and I do it often.  The more often I practice and succeed, the more successful I am the next time.

I hope these ideas give you hope that “there are no setbacks” and you really are right where you’re supposed to be.

And remember….

If things aren’t working out…keep going….they’re not done yet.

Because I do believe that everything is always working out for you.

Please be sure to share your comments below and stay tuned for the entire series.

Lesson 1: You have to care about how you feel.

Lesson 2: There are no setbacks in life.

Lesson 3: Speak only about what you want.

Lesson 4: We create reality from our vibrational atmosphere.

Lesson 5: The path is being laid out for you.

Lesson 6: Stop beating yourself up for where you are.

Lesson 7: You get rid of doubt by not having it.


With love and light,