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Today’s Theme: Drive Slower

As part of my 10 day ZenHabits challenge the theme for today is:

Drive Slower

Well, since I generally only drive twice a day (not including weekends) I knew out the gate this one wasn’t going to require as much concentration, or let’s say effort than some of the other day’s themes.

The cool thing was right as I was heading out my driveway my subconscious mind gracefully reminded me of my intention for the day.

The thought “drive slower” just popped into my mind out of no where.

I have about a 20 – 30 minute country, relaxing drive between my home and where I work each day.  The road is generally not very crowded (maybe light traffic, but not much).  Parts of the drive have stop lights and there can be some cars, but generally it flows smoothly.

Today, my awareness was I was out in front.  Often times I feel like I’m being held back from driving faster by the car in front of me.  “If only there was a passing lane!” I often think to myself behind someone doing the speed limit on this one lane country road.

What was interesting was today I was the one out front.  But yet I’m supposed to drive slower given my intention.

So, how’s that?  I have a car with a little muscle (bmw 325) so, when I can, I’ll drive pretty fast if I think it’s safe. (love them windy roads to Big Sur ba-by!)

This morning I had the road nearly to myself and I was supposed to drive slower.  Really?

But ya was ok. 

Somehow setting that intention before I left my house really set my mind and my pace at ease. I wasn’t in much of a hurry.  I left at a good time so no need to rush.  I didn’t have any meetings I needed to prepare for that meant I needed to get to work any faster so I could spare those couple of minutes rushing to the office.


This whole intention setting thing as a part of this bigger 10 day challenge of awareness that I created has really shifted things in my vibration.  Honest.  I’m eating slower, breathing, being more connected, disconnecting, appreciating nature – all of it rolled into my day.  Each day.  It’s like they’ve stacked on top of each other and I’m now subconsciously aware of each previous intention and it’s unfolding in my life as I move through life.

This is freakin’ brilliant!  I highly recommend this process I’ve been through the past few days.

The reason I started this whole thing was because I was feeling all of this nervous(?) energy.  Sort of pent up anxiousness, anxiety, stress – whatever.  Doesn’t matter exactly what was causing it.

I took the time to reach out to my email subscribers (bless you for responding!), asked for some advice and ideas.  Found a few others on my own.  Had the idea for the 10 day challenge literally as I was typing up the post about bulimia mind and anxious energy and here we are.

My anxiousness level, my stress about compulsive thoughts is like at a 1 or a 2 out of 10.  It’s like a minor blip this week.  My inner calm, my zen, my peace is at an 11. It feels good just saying that.

I am enjoying sharing all this and hope by sharing it’s either inspiring you to give it a try or just my pace and vibration are helping you to calm down, slow down and be present, too.

That would mean a lot to me.

To know what I’m doing and who I’m being are making a ripple would be worth every moment.

Will you try today’s intention on for a day or a week?  Will you practice driving slower for a change? 

I hope you will.  If you would like to create a stretch goal and share it with us, please do in the comments and come back and tell us how you did.

To the slow life


p.s. tomorrow is “appreciate anything”…sweet!

Please share your comments below.