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Tomorrow is Bulimia Awareness Day

In case you haven’t heard…tomorrow is the [unofficial] Bulimia Awareness Day on the web.  I’m thrilled to be participating and the amazing group of coaches, therapists and recovery program websites who have come together for this first-ever online event.

I’m giving away two of my ebooks for free (one of my favorite f-words):

My Bulimia Recovery Stories eBook can be downloaded if you have bulimia and want to learn how others have overcome their ED.  If you may know someone with bulimia and want to understand this disorder better so you can talk to them about it, you can download my How to Help a Friend With Bulimia Guide.

I hope you’ll stop by tomorrow to see all of the great support, ideas and programs that people are offering to both people suffering with bulimia and those who love them.  As a sneak preview, the number one online self-help bulimia recovery program called The Bulimia Help Method is offering a one-day only 25% off their program to anyone who signs up for their program.  That’s a great deal!

There’s an entire community joining me in celebrating this uplifting day, so please be sure to see who else is here to support you with videos, books, coaching, and the best online recovery programs available today.

If you have a recommendation for a resource or idea or tool to share with others, please leave a comment below.  We want to help people get the support they need to beat bulimia for good.

Thank you for stopping by to support the cause.

To everyone having a happy and beautiful life,