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What Are You Blessed With?

Today is the Thanksgiving Day holiday in the US and I have been reflecting on all of the things I’m thankful for.

What makes it especially easy to notice what I’m thankful for is because of the fact that we got back from 11 days in Colombia late last night.  It was a long journey, lots of adventure and new things every day.  Great people.  Beautiful sights.  Not-so-great vegetarian food.  Oh, well.

On our last night in Colombia we tried CouchSurfing for the first time.  We have hosted people in our home and loved it and tried to hook up with people when we first landed in Bogota at the beginning of the trip, but it didn’t come together.  It did work out on the last night of our trip when we returned to Bogota after visiting the coast (Cartagena).

Our host was a lovely man from Bogota, an accounting professor named John.  John doesn’t speak any English and our Spanish vocabulary is so small it’s not worth mentioning.  In any case, John picked us up from the airport and shared his home and friends with us for our last night in Colombia. The warmth, friendliness and love we felt from him and his friends instantly was palpable.  We didn’t have words to use to express ourselves, but that universal spirt of human connection is something you can’t overlook.
Damn, little off track.  Back to blessings.  [uh hmmhm…clears throat]

Yes, being thankful. Blessings.

What we felt when we were flying home last night after living out of a backpack, staying in hostels, eating strange foods and taking cold showers was the immense appreciation for how blessed we are in our lives.  It’s easy when you visit a third world country to see the incredible gifts and blessings one has living in a first world country like the United States.

Maybe that’s why I enjoy traveling?  Seeing the contrast always makes me appreciate what I have.

Pretty sad that I don’t see it without the contrast, but I guess that must be part of human nature or something.  In any case, we stepped back into the comfort of our home, our cars, our families and familiar surroundings and were overwhelmed with the gifts and blessings we have all around us.  A beautiful home.  A beautiful city where we live.  Great friends and weather.  Conveniences all around.

I realize as I’m writing this I’m sort of beating myself up for not being more appreciative before.  Ok, I’m going to let that go and just step confidently into what I am feeling and that is appreciation.

I feel blessed.

I feel content and expansive.

I feel rich.

I feel abundant.

I feel glowing.

I feel light and love.

I feel full.

I feel worthy.

I feel huge and like I go on and on.

I feel peaceful.

I feel love, loving and loved.

When I look back on what I was feeling before we left and my intense desire to “escape” my life and “get away” it was because I wasn’t present to all of these wonderful feelings.  I was choosing before we left to see somewhere else as better than here.  I chose to focus on the things that were holding me back and keeping me confined in my life.

As I return from vacation and am awake in my home in beautiful California, I appreciate my here.  I love what is.  I am going to put this energy into my future days as I walk my everyday life and stop running from what is and what I have.

You’ll see from me in the coming weeks I’ll probably be talking a lot about The Happiness Project from Gretchen Rubin. I read the book on our flight home and I’m committed to embarking on some sort of project of my own.  Right now it’s somewhere between an authenticity and a joy project.  Saturday I’m setting aside time to come up with my own version.  I’m looking forward to sharing what I come up with here.

Before I sign off I have one question for you…

What are you blessed with [that you may be overlooking]?