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What is Divine Timing? 3 Tips to Working With the Universe

Divine Timing - Allow Universe To DeliverIf you’re like me you may have heard people talk about or use the phrase divine timing.  Perhaps you had an inkling what is was but never actually put much thought to ask yourself “what is divine timing and how can I work it?

I’m excited to share what I’ve experienced over the past few months as I’ve been steeped in self-awareness, learning, processes, practice in order to have a greater understanding of what the heck Divine Timing is…to me.

I say what divine timing is to me because I think it’s up to each of us to define it for ourselves. I’d like to share some definitions I’ve found around the web and then help explain what I’ve learned from my practice of being in the space for divine timing to show up.

Definitions for Divine Timing

Here are some definitions from around the web:

Someone on Yahoo Answers About Divine Timing: “It means God brings and does things for us at the perfect time. Not to soon nor too late, just at the right time.”

From on Divine Timing they say, “Divine Timing is the idea that everything happens at its exact right time.”

From a more foo-foo site called on Divine Timing we learn, “Divine Timing means that everything needs to fall in place organically (like fitting the pieces of a puzzle together) before it can work out. ”

And I absolutely loved this comment from an Abraham-Hicks forum I found…

Divine Timing - Right Place Right Timing“Timing is all about how long it takes you to come into alignment with your desire. If you’re waiting, you’re a little bit off track. Waiting is all about noticing the absence of what you want, so that’s not being in alignment with what you want. You need to ask yourself how you really feel about your desire — not trying to be positive, this is all about accurately assessing where you are in relation to where you are. How you feel tells you how close or far you are. Are you worried? Hopeful? Frustrated? Optimistic? My guess would be that you’re actually on the negative end of the scale, because if you were at hope or better, you wouldn’t be “waiting,” you’d feel good and you could feel yourself moving toward what you want and LOA would be giving you feedback reflecting back those feelings. Regardless, the answer is always to accept that where you are is okay, and then wherever you are, to gently lean in the direction of feeling better.”

Being a fan and follower of Abraham Hicks for many years I would say that last comment is pretty spot on. I’ve found from being in the practice of noticing divine timing that it is about the time it takes for me to line up with my desire.  I’m really, really not a patient person thanks to being practiced in instant gratification and action.  One of the things I learned by studying divine timing is that I don’t have to be patient, I just need to be aligned and when what I want isn’t here it’s because I’m noticing its absence and keeping it from coming to me.


That was pretty powerful for me.  There were some more religious websites I didn’t include in my definitions above because they didn’t resonate for me.  They talked about divine timing being God’s timing – like it was happening outside of me and I needed patience to wait for it.  Not that I don’t think the Universe is waiting to give me what I want, but it doesn’t have a divine timing outside of my own time to align.  To line up, be in harmony and in a place of expecting what I want.

 Divine Timing vs Make It Happen

If you’re a type-A personality like me, you’ve probably also picked up along your trail that you’re the one who needs to do stuff to make things happen.  One quote I picked up from a leadership workshop years ago was, “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.”

There’s a bit of truth in the “if it’s meant to be it’s up to me”, but I sure took that to mean I needed to go out and get myself busy if I wanted to manifest shit!  I’ve found it is up to me, but I don’t have to go running around making myself crazy busy, sacrificing my health or emotional well-being in exchange for my dreams to come true.

I’ve come to see the contrast between what I learned about Making It Happen vs Divine Timing that I want to share with you.

Make It Happen

Divine Timing

Motivate yourself Act from inspiration
Effort and tons of physical action is required for results Ease and allowing in tune with good feeling actions
“Yeah, I want it, but…” “Everything is always working out for me”
Be a go-getter and carve out the path I trust the signs from the Universe of my path
Controlling Receiving

 Examples of Divine Timing

Your Attitude Determines Your DirectionAllow me to share a couple of examples of divine timing that I can recall noticing recently.  I bought a ticket at the beginning of the year to attend Lightning in a Bottle – a music festival I attended in 2014 and absolutely loved.  When I bought my festival ticket this year I didn’t think too much about buying an RV pass because they cost $350 and that’s more than I wanted to spend for the festival (on top cost for the 4 day pass). As the festival date got closer I started looking for people selling RV passes. I didn’t see any up for sale like I did last year (at the 11th hour last year I was able to buy one for only $150 – pretty cool!).  I kept waiting and looking and searching. I started to give up home in the last few weeks and settled into the idea that this year I would be camping.  I started looking for car camping passes instead, only to find out those were in high demand!

As the day of the event drew even closer, like 24 hours before it started, I had an ah-ha moment and started to get really excited about going to the festival. Up to that time I was a little stressed about all the work I wanted to complete before I left for a few days off.  When I released the stress and began to visualize enjoying the event in my RV instead of camping on the hard ground…poof!  Three people came online selling RV passes. I contacted each one and eventually bought a pass for $200. That felt fantastic!

Then, as I went to the event I was in a really great mood – definitely high flying. I enjoyed listening to music on the radio and driving my RV onto the festival grounds.  The previous year my camping spot was a bit tight and so not level that when I parked up on the curb/ground a big bottle of something came crashing out of one of the kitchen cabinets and broke all over the floor.  There was glass everywhere.  This year, when I pulled into the event there was plenty of room around me, the spot they gave me was incredibly level and easy to get in/out of AND I had a view of the main stage from my front windows (yet I was far enough away it wasn’t too loud).  “Holy cow are you kidding me!?”  That’s what I said when I finally parked and got out of the driver’s seat.  Thank you Universe!

Well, that wasn’t the end of the divine timing moments.  As I settled in, grabbed my pack and a drink and headed to the main stage (aka The Woogie) I was still on my high flying disk and ready to dance. [sidenote: I have this thing about concerts and pretty much travel in general that says that I get adopted by great people wherever I go so I’m a happy solo traveler.] After a few songs I had a group near me say hello.  I told them I was alone and looking to get adopted by fun people.  They said they were there to adopt me then!  I went on to hang out with them the rest of the day and late into the night.  Happiness Wants You - Let It InWe had some amazing encounters that night – yes, more divine timing and serendipity.

These are just a few examples I could think of where the Universe delivered to me exactly what I wanted because I was aligned and expecting what I wanted, feeling good on my journey and wasn’t keeping them away by noticing the absence of them. It was all about ease and flow that day and the Universe delivered even better than I could have maneuvered my way into happening.

3 Tips for Working With the Universe and Divine Timing

I’m constantly learning how this world we live in works and I appreciate tips or “life hacks”.  I like to share life hacks for personal transformation so here are 3 tips I’d like to pass along for you to work with the Universe and capitalize on the power of divine timing:

  1. Surrender – if you find yourself in struggle or efforting too much, getting frustrated, and impatient then remember to surrender.  Struggle is the opposite end of the stick from divine timing. If you’re working hard and things aren’t unfolding, then step back and surrender by saying something like “I know the Universe knows what I want and it’s on its way to me now. If it’s not here, I can clean up my attitude/energy and expect it.”
  2. Be Happy Now – if you’re anxious, frustrated, worried about something or any other negative emotion you’re keeping what you want from coming to you. When you find yourself wrapped up in low vibrations about something you’re doing the very thing that will keep you from receiving what you want.  So get happy now on your way to it.
  3. Trust the Path is Always There – the path of least resistance or most allowing will be revealed to you as inspiration. If you find yourself saying, “Well, I could do it that way but that would really suck” then that’s not the path.  Yes, action will be necessary because you moving towards what you want actually helps you shore up your own belief in what you want coming.  The Universe will do it’s part so look for ah-ha ideas and inspiration that comes to you and then act on it.  Don’t wait!  Don’t put it on your to-do list or after you finish 15 things and forget.  If you receive divine inspiration, act then.  Trust the inspired action or path is always being shown to you and always will if you’re in a good feeling place.

Stop Waiting to be HappyThis all boils down to being happy on your way to what you want.  The path of least resistance will feel good (yes, there may be “work” but it will be motion forward).

Final Words on Divine Timing

I feel like I could go on and on about the idea of divine timing and what I’ve learned, but allow me to share a couple final words on divine timing.

Prepare your grid, your attitude, your energy for what you want to come to you.  If it’s not coming, look within and address where you are now.

Feel good along the way.  We get so focused on the outcome that we miss the journey.  If we have everything we want then we would not have anything to look forward to in the future – and the Universe would stop expanding.  That will never happen.  Sometimes I find that I enjoy the journey or the idea of having something even more than the having of it.  I am in the practice of letting go of having the thing I want while I enjoy the process of wanting it and visualizing it as if I already do.

I can’t be anxious in my anticipation of what I want.  Anxious is out of alignment. I must chill out, maybe take care of myself and find something to appreciate or enjoy now.

When I allow the Universe to surprise and delight me in it’s own creative and unexpected ways, I am actually amazed what it comes up with that I didn’t even realize I wanted at the time.  It has way better ways of delivering to me what I will enjoy more than I can craft for myself. I now go through my days asking “what spectacular fun adventures does the Universe have in store for me today?

Expect great things.  Period.

The more I am feeling ease and flow, the happier I am in each moment and then more I am in a place of allowing good things to come to me.  Ease and flow is a state of alignment and therefore I’m not doing the things that keep great experiences from coming to me.  It reminds me of this post I wrote many years ago about allowing well being.

Now Your Turn!

The Universe is waiting to deliver a spectacular life to you in each moment. What’s one action you can take to align more with what you want, to be happier now or to take action towards what you want?  Step up and share in comments below.

With love and light,