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Your Mission Statement – Let it Guide Your Way

“Let your heart guide you…but listen closely because it whispers” – Quote from The Land Before Time

Following your heart and letting your heart guide your way sounds like an idealistic way to live.  If that’s true, why don’t we do it? How often do we actually take the time to listen – let alone trust – what we hear from our heart?

I was reminded today how important our personal mission is to our daily life.  I shared with my friend a personal mission statement I came up with 6 years ago – shortly after I started my bulimia recovery journey.  I’d like to share it with you now…


To teach people by example and empower them to overcome obstacles and become their greatness through self love.

My friend reminded me how important it is to let my personal mission statement guide my life.  Not someday, but everyday.  I created my personal mission statement years ago and it’s front and center on my vision board/wall in my bedroom so I see it every day.  But, I have to admit it is sort of background noise after all those years of being in the same place.

What a great idea he suggested to have me look at my mission statement each morning, feel the feelings of having it lead my life and the way my life would begin to look when my mission was the life I was actually living.  Pure inspiration!

I have taught for many years the importance of a vision board, but I lost track of the importance of connecting each day with your vision, your dreams – your personal mission.


I’m taking on reading my mission statement each morning and embracing the feelings of it with a focused intention.  No longer will my mission be like background noise.  I’m putting it where it belongs – as the foundation of my day.  Every day.

The other idea my friend suggested is to reflect on my mission when I am faced with decisions.  I’m going to ask myself with every decision “what is the decision I can make that will take me in the direction of my mission?”

I’m committed to practicing this for the next 30 days so it becomes a part of my subconscious.  Do you have a personal mission statement yet?  If so, are you ready to make the same commitment and let your mission be the foundation of your life every day?

I challenge you to take it on.  Let’s see how great life can be if we both live our mission.  Can’t wait!