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YouTube Playlists of Inspiration & My Favorite Teachers

Learn from the mastersIf you’re like me, you hardly feel like you have enough time to read any more and if you want to learn new things it’s done by video and often in the space between the other things in your life.

We’re all busy. 

Watching, or listening, to great personal growth videos is an excellent way I’ve found to continue to expand my consciousness and learn lots of tools and techniques to continually grow and develop who I am.

I thought I’d take a moment to share a lot of the sources I turn to as a student of lifelong learning.  I hope you’ll enjoy some of these masters and teachers as much as I do.

“There are many lamps, but only one light.” 

Each teacher has a unique style and message that you will either resonate with or not.  Check ’em out and find one that feels good to YOU.

The Playlist on YouTube

If you ever want to know what I’ve enjoyed and decided is worth sharing with others, you can check out and subscribe to my playlist on YouTube:

Click here to go to my playlist of favorites on YouTube

Abraham Hicks

The teacher Abraham Hicks is by far and away the teacher I’m following and listening to the most these days.  Nothing I’ve found can tune my vibration to positive feelings and improve my attitude better than listening to the teachings of Abraham.  This is the official Abraham Hicks YouTube channel I believe.  While the official channel is nice, I find there are several people who have created playlists and channels that I like a lot. Here are a few of my favorite Abraham publishers:

DewDrop157 – probably the most prolific publisher of Abe and great, updated content

Abraham Hicks Rampages – a playlist filled with Abraham rampages on lots of subjects – fun!

CommuniCana – a great source for Abe

LovingSaskaya – some of my favorite posts can be found in her lists

SatoriElohim – a loving follower of Abraham that creates excellent mixes

These playlists and channels will definitely give you a good start at Abraham Hicks materials. I listen to Abraham Hicks pretty much every day. Some days I’ll listen to 5 or 10 videos in a row.  My morning process currently includes listening to 30 minutes of Abraham videos before I get out of bed.  What a great way to start the day!

Tony Robbins

Yes, I’m happy to admit I’m a fan and follower of Tony Robbins.  I think I read my first Tony Robbins book in the 1990’s, but of course didn’t take as much action then as I could have.  We all take to material we’re ready for, eh?  If you’re ready for some authentic, genuine, power-packed material that will put the realities of who you are and what you’re doing to yourself and your life right in your face…Tony’s your guy.  While there isn’t a ton of Tony material on YouTube, he has posted some of his own stuff and if you search, you can find videos that others have posted from workshops he’s done.

Click here for the primary Tony Robbins Channel on YouTube

Robin Sharma

While I don’t watch as much Robin Sharma as I used to, he’s certainly a force to be reckoned with. Robin is a thought and business leader with a heart.  He gets that there’s more to life than work, work, work and strives and teaches balance, yet high achievement. He’s been more of a repeater of other teachers’ materials over the years, but the guy’s energy, enthusiasm and intellect are impressive.

Click here for the primary Robin Sharma Channel on YouTube

Marie Forleo

If you’ve been awake, breathing and on any social media channel lately you’ve probably seen Marie’s videos.  This girl knows how to rock social media and video. I love her spunk and spirit.  She’s not just flirty and passionate, she’s also bright and has sound advice for every day entrepreneurs.  She’s the deal…ya’ll.

Click here for the primary Marie Forleo Channel on YouTube

Brendon Bruchard

This guy gets making money online and teaching others how to spread their thought leadership.  I was really inspired when I saw Brendon rise to the top in the mid 2010s because he was so passionate, committed and focused on what he was doing.  He, too, gets how to make money online and how to spread your message. He’s here to help people find their passion, become teachers to the masses, and live a life they love.

Click here for the primary Brendon Bruchard Channel on YouTube

Inspirational/Motivational Videos

The last type of video I’ve been enjoying of late are motivational or inspirational videos that are clips from videos of athletes layered over great thought leaders speaking (like Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and others).  I listen to these when I want to get pumped up and change my state to that of high energy and kick some butt!

Click here to visit a playlist of motivational videos by Ping Pong Chanel

Well, there you have it.  Some of my favorite channels on YouTube for great insights, inspiration and tools to improve your life. I hope this is valuable and if you have any valuable links to channels to share, please put add in the comments below so we can all learn of good resources.

I look forward to reading your comments – or email me a question if there’s something I can help you with.

With love and light,