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My Bulimia Recovery Blog

Bulimia Recovery Resources, Stories, Ideas and Inspiration

My Bulimia Recovery Blog

I hope you’ll visit my bulimia blog to allow me to share with you all of my inner wisdom picked up along my recovery journey.  My battle with bulimia lasted 20 years and then ended in a moment of decision in 2005. My path taught me a lot about this eating disorder…and myself.

My mission is to share eating disorder and bulimia recovery resources that have helped me with everyone I can reach.  Please explore my Bulimia Blog.

There is so much valuable information about recovering from bulimia or anorexia available online these days.  With my bulimia blog I really want to bring what I’ve learned – and continue to learn – about thriving in recovery to people.

After reading the stories and talking with a lot of people, I know there is no one path to recovery.  Your journey will look very different from mine, but we can still learn from each other.

My bulimia blog and this recovery website are a way for me to share what I found to help me overcome bulimia as well as what it’s like living after bulimia each day

It’s amazing how wonderful being free from bulimia can feel. I remember those dark days and nights of struggling with a negative mindset that would abuse me mentally and isolate me from life.  It seems so far from where I am now, but I know what it was like and I want to help you get through this.

If you haven’t already, please download my eBook that includes my recovery story and real stories of 5 other women who finally overcame their eating disorder.  I’ll also share my 10 steps to overcoming bulimia.

Now…Get Busy Thriving!