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Life Coaching – Bulimia Recovery Coaching

Having a life coach with a background in addictions and overcoming bulimia, binge eating and other related habits can help you in the following ways:

  • Provide accountability and structure – stretch you!
  • Share relapse prevention skills – support you!
  • Teach you about changing your mindset and patterns – strengthen you!
  • Develop a personal daily structure that may include such things as:
    • extreme self-care
    • spiritual connection
    • mindfulness practice
    • greater self awareness
    • emotional self-mastery
    • relationship skills and setting boundaries
    • anxiety, stress and overwhelm coping skills

I have coached a lot of women in the area of bulimia recovery. In 2020 due to Covid I transitioned out of personal coaching and now refer women to the recovery coaching offered from author of Brain Over Binge and her coach, Julie Mann.  Click here to view their coaching options.

Check out their site and get started today so you can start thriving!