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Bulimia Stories

Bulimia Recovery Stories BookIf you are battling bulimia – or any other eating disorder – you are not alone. There are times when you feel like there is no place to turn for help or that your problem is unlike any other. There is help.

This book of bulimia stories was written for you. It has stories of bulimic and anorexic people, just like you who, struggled with the same problems, fears, and worries as you. I share my story and those of five courageous women who overcame their eating disorder and went on to live happy, healthy lives.

This is my free gift to you in the hopes that your bulimia recovery could start TODAY.

Download my bulimia stories book.

Warning: reading these incredible bulimia stories might give you ideas and inspiration to help overcome your eating disorder forever.

Anorexia and bulimia recovery stories like these can help to:

– Inspire You
– Provide Hope
– Keep You Motivated
– Provide Comfort
– Give You Ideas

Your story – your journey – is unique to you. What you’ve gone through to get to this point has been difficult. I walked my life’s road as a bulimic for 20 years before starting on the path to recovery. I bet that if you’re here, you are ready for recovery, too. You wouldn’t be reading this if it weren’t time for your journey of bulimia recovery to start – or perhaps for it to continue.

Here’s a sample of what you will read in my recovery stories book:

“…and I remember looking in the mirror and being so unhappy with my looks. I would squeeze the fat on my sides and my arms. I hated everything about myself.”

“Everything was spiraling out of control in my life. I turned to my body as a method of control. I began by starving myself for weeks at a time…”

“I decided that I would aim to improve by myself. By being reflective and learning about myself and bulimia.”

Bulimia Stories“But, the more time went on the stronger I became in my resolve [to be a non-bulimic]. The stronger my commitment to my word and myself became. I decided to do this and I was living into that reality.”

There are many paths that can lead to bulimia. Often it starts with one single binge and purge. Just as every bulimic’s story is unique to her, the road of recovery is a different route for every individual.

At some point you find yourself saying, “enough is enough!” You finally decide it is time to take back your life. Your eating disorder is absolutely something that you can overcome. There are different bulimia treatments and various ways to find help.

Reading the bulimia stories of others can show you what to expect and can also give you ideas to overcome bulimia. You have a unique opportunity to follow in the footsteps of many other amazing women. Some may have had it easier than you, while others will have a harder story. But regardless of the difficulty of each path taken, all roads do lead to recovery.

I collected these stories to show you that you are not on the journey alone. Many have walked this path before you. This collection of bulimia stories will show you that even when things are at their worst, you can persevere and work towards a successful recovery like many others before you have done.

You are choosing to make a change in your life because you want to be happy. That is commendable and inspiring in its own right. This Recovery Guide is a free resource that I created because I was once where you are. My mission is to help you create your own recovery story.

You can so do this.