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Create A New Vision for Your Life

What You Can Imagine…You Can Achieve

Life After Bulimia - Create a New Vision

Creating new possibilities are something I believe people would enjoy doing all the time if they really learned how to truly manifest – or co-create – their life.

I realize it’s easier said than done and most people do not allow new opportunities to occur.

Whether it may be fear of the unknown, or being comfortable where you are at in life that keeps us stuck in our present (and often past) reality.

I really feel you should follow you heart and pursue the things that light you up.

There is no reason to stress yourself over things that you will never be able to control but there is certainly every reason in the world to take control of what you can and turn it into the best thing possible. So I ask you…

What makes you happy?

What lights you up?

What are your deepest passions?

What would you do if you could get paid millions of dollars to do exactly that?

It’s a little early for you to believe me when I say you can have anything you truly desire just because you want it.  We’ll get there.  All I ask is that you start to open up to the idea that you are more powerful than you think you are.

Life After Bulimia

Tell me…are you able to envision your life without bulimia? You’re really going to have to picture a new life after bulimia in order to move forward.  Being able to see yourself as a recovered bulimic is critical to moving your life in that direction.

You would probably agree with me when I say that your mind is your own worst enemy.  Standing in recovery I can look back now and realize how much I let my monkey mind run my life down some really dark roads when I had bulimia.

Yeah, but why do we do it?

It’s part of Western culture to want to be the best, to have the most, to be better than someone else.  Let’s stop for a second and look at our reasoning for this. There is never need to compare ourselves to friends or people we don’t even know.  Really, it’s pretty silly if you actually pause to think about the notion of comparing ourselves.  Who wins?  No one if you have to look outside yourself to feel good about who you are.

Reality is ours to co-create. Keep an open mind throughout this process and I can surely help you to realize new opportunities in your life. Some questions to open your mind to these new possibilities:

If you started recovery today, how do you see your life a couple months from now?

How would you life look a year from now if you were fully recovered and free of bulimia?

We are starting to reinvent your life and your future reality.  We’re on a journey to find the true you, the happy you that you’ve silenced for so long.

Creating a New Vision – Let the Light In

I heard this story once and want to share it because it has a lot to do with how our perception of reality and future vision work to create a new vision from your current point of perception.

Imagine a drinking glass filled with coffee.  This might represent your current reality or perception of life.  When you’re in the midst of an eating disorder your life seems dark and murky and certainly doesn’t transmit light. Now imagine a large pitcher of fresh spring water.  Clear, brilliant, cascading and transmitting light. This represents your new empowering vision.

Start to pour the water from the pitcher into the glass of coffee. The spring water flows into the drinking glass, causing the glass to overflow. The first few ounces of spring water have little apparent effect on the color of the liquid (coffee) in the glass. Then, as you add more pure water, the liquid gets lighter and lighter.

By the time you have poured the entire pitcher into the glass all of the discolored liquid is gone and only pure, clear water remains.

The same holds true for your mind. As you replace negative, self-defeating thoughts with a positive, empowering vision that feeds your life force, the power of the new thoughts eventually replace the old. This will elevate your self esteem and dilute the thoughts that were darkening your view of the world.
The power in this analogy is seeing the transformation as a process.  Over time the light replaces the darkness.  Your act of pouring in a new vision, filled with light and love for yourself surpasses the old negative images you once held.

Your Genie Awaits Your Command

In the movie (and book) The Secret they used the story of Aladdin and his Genie in the lamp to tell how the power of your vision works.  In truth, it’s part visioning and part Law of Attraction that brings forth whatever reality you want to manifest in your life.  At this point I want to remind you of the 3 step process of the Law of Attraction:

Step 1: Ask

You ask for what you want by seeing a distinction for what you don’t want in your life (i.e. suffering with bulimia).  You ask through the power of thought and emotion for that new vision.  Some commons ways of asking are through prayer, dreaming, focused meditation or affirmations to declare what you want to have.

Step 2: Believe

Part of the power of the Law of Attraction requires we believe in it for it to manifest what we want in our life.  Part of our belief is in a higher power (God, Spririt, The Universe, etc.) that unfolds the life we imagine.  The second part of the belief step is in our believing we deserve what we want and are asking for.  You’ve got to really believe it can and will come to you.

Step 3: Receive

I like the work of Abraham Hicks and they talk about receiving as being in energetic alignment with that which we’re asking for.  Alignment is when we are present here and now and a vibrational match with the energy of that which we want.  This is when we allow the universe to give us that which we’re asking for.  Like a magnet what we’re wanting becomes attracted to us and manifests.

Your Vision Creates Your Reality

To create a new vision for your life after bulimia, close your eyes and imagine that a genie has just appeared before you. This is your special genie and he will grant every wish you command, provided you have the courage to dream it, believe it will happen and take steps to make it your reality. In order to bring this vision to your life, you need to begin to align with the feelings and thoughts of what that reality – that future you – will think and feel like.  It’s important to cancel or stop thinking any self-defeating thoughts that make you feel unworthy, negative or bring back the “past” you.

The past does not need to be a harbinger of your future. Keep in mind that we will be developing a specific plan of action to address the question, “What exactly will it take to manifest this vision?” So, create your dream vision with the expectation that we will be designing a plan to bring each aspect of it into reality.

Get Started

To begin the manifestation process start by imaging the qualities of your new life that speak to who you are being as you design your dream life. Who would you be if you weren’t being controlled by your eating disorder?  Then, make a list of your passions. These are the things you love doing and would gladly enjoy every day for the next 50 years. Your passions make life worth living.

Think of your vision like a movie you will watch on the screen of your mind. Write down your vision in the first person and present tense as if you are describing a scene from the movie as it happens (“I am enjoying the new business I just launched and it brings me so much happiness to get to do what I do every day”). Create a vivid mental image with as much detail as possible.  It’s important you add emotion to your vision to really speed up the process and bring your vision to life.

Utilize all five senses in experiencing your life in recovery. See your vision as an already accomplished reality in the present, not merely as something you want or hope to have “someday”. The feeling of wanting or hoping to have your dream life will always keep that life as something you want.  Remember you attract what you’re an energetic match to.  If you’re vibrating wanting or hoping, you’ll just attract more wanting and hoping in your life.

Ideas of questions to ask yourself when creating a new vision for your life:

– Who do you want to be? Who do you see yourself as?
– How will you spend a typical day at play and a typical day at work?
– What will you have in your life as a result of your recovery?
– What goals will you accomplish?
– Who will you assist or support with these accomplishments? Are there any special people, organizations or causes that will be an important part of your life?
– What will your relationships be like? Picture yourself interacting with friends, family, co-workers and all you meet in a way that reflects your high self-esteem.

You can’t do this exercise wrong, so have fun creating a vision as a magnificent person worthy of the best that life has to offer. Please do not pass up this opportunity to unleash the magic of visioning to transform your life.

Once you have created your written vision, commit to reading it twice daily EVERY day.  It’s best to read it aloud with feeling in the morning and just before bed.  Remember to read it with feeling,  not just reading it quickly and zipping off to work or to sleep.  You have to do what I call “emotionalize” your vision by giving it energy to manifest.

Enjoy the process!