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How to Stop a Binge Book

Hey Beautiful,

Way to go!

I hope these stories open up your heart and mind to a life of lasting recovery.    May these stories remind you of who you naturally are – without the limitations, the fears, the shame.  You are a walking miracle and deserve to be free.

I started sharing bulimia recovery stories in 2012 as a way to help those who were still struggling with bulimia to find their way out of the darkness, to end the struggle and set themselves free…for life.

After more than a decade of dedicating my life and work to helping women with bulimia, my life evolved into new pursuits.  Following my personal recovery journey, it all started with sharing these stories, to coaching women all over the world one-on-one, to developing an online recovery program, creating a community and giving giving giving all I could to help others.

Thanks to Covid, my trajectory directed me on a new path and I’m up to ever new and different things in the world. I no longer coach 1:1 for bulimia recovery, but I would always be happy to help you find someone to help you and offer referrals.

My hope is this guide that was created out of my recovery process helps at least one person – YOU (if you’ll let it) – break free from the cage of addictive patterns and live your best life.  Please be the one…your soul is seeking you and brought you here.  Re-connect with that inner knowing and you’ll find your way out.

With love and light,