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Eating Disorder & Bulimia Recovery Stories

Stories of struggle and shame, but also inspiration and triumph

There was a time when the idea of sharing my bulimia stories was the most embarrassing thing I could imagine. My eating disorder was a deep, dark secret and I wanted to keep it that way.

After listening to other bulimic people and reading the stories of women who had suffered just like me I finally felt like I mattered. I was finally not alone in this hell.

Now I actually feel like I make a difference because when I share my bulimia story it uplifts others to know that recovery is possible – even after 20 years with bulimia.

I am so grateful for this chance to reflect on my experience with bulimia and share it with all the other strong, beautiful women who have imprisoned themselves for too long. – Jessica

You can download a compilation of eating disorder stories in my free eBook. I hope you’ll download it today because when you do I’ll add you to my recovery newsletter and send you my 10 steps to beating bulimia.

If you had bulimia, please share your bulimia recovery stories here.

Once I felt strong enough and that I would not have a bulimia relapse, I quickly realized how great it felt to share what I was going through with other people. The relief of sharing and hearing about men and women working their recovery helped boost my own strength. Listening to other people’s bulimia stories showed me how human we all are and that having an eating disorder didn’t mean I was a bad person.

We learn so much from each other – our experiences create a common bond between us. Every time we share and every time we listen to another person’s journey, it helps us release emotions like sadness, loneliness, and guilt we’ve been carrying around inside. Getting back in touch with our emotions and feeling what is going on in our bodies is part of the integration of mind, body and spirit that takes place in recovery.

In the beginning it was a way for me to control something in a crazy, hectic, out of control life. I just wanted something of my own…something no one could touch or take away from me. – Stacey

Tell your bulimia story – get in touch with your feelings

When you read bulimia stories from people who’ve actually lived with an eating disorder for years and beat bulimia through a lot of inner work you start to have hope. When you learn how they did it, you begin to see that recovery is possible!

When you learn how to stop binging, stop purging – you release the guilt and painful isolation and find a huge sense of relief in knowing you’re not alone. As you share, it makes it easier to get in touch with our own feelings, which is a huge part of the healing process.

Sharing your eating disorder stories gives others permission to do the same

When I was able to finally come clean about my eating disorder you have no idea the sense of relief and confidence it gave me. Once I had it all out in the open I felt free and unashamed. You might be surprised how many people are hiding something they feel guilty about in their life, too.

When I started talking about bulimia, people started opening up about all sorts of painful experiences they had in their life. When I shared my bulimia story – it gave them permission to be themselves, too. We both felt better and could connect and relate like never before.

If you only have time for one story, you can read Danielle’s bulimia recovery story and profound message of inspiration from my bulimia blog.

Share your story!

Besides providing you with all the information I can about bulimia treatments, bulimia self-help and bulimia therapy, I hope you will share what you’re going through if you’re still battling bulimia. If you’re recovered, your bulimia stories can help others feel better by knowing they’re not alone.

Thank you for reading my story. Sharing my experiences is the first step to facing my battle because I am no longer denying that I have a problem. – Lynn

I look forward to hearing from you!


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