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Eating Disorder Stories – Tell Us Your Recovery Story

Your Anorexia and Bulimia Recovery Stories Can Inspire and Uplift Others

Sharing your eating disorder stories is one of the most fulfilling things you can do on your journey of recovery.  Often those of us with bulimia hide the truth of our binging and purging episodes.  The guilt and shame of this keeps us disconnected from the world.  Sharing your addiction recovery stories is a beautiful step to come out of hiding and uplift others.

Once my bulimia stories were out in the open, I felt free from the guilt of hiding the truth and so relieved to be a part of a community of others who had the same overeating disorder problems as me.

Not feeling alone and being able to share and inspire through your own experience is liberating and healing!

Sharing my story with my future husband and my loved ones was both frightening and liberating.  The first person I told was my boyfriend (and future husband).  His calm reaction assured me that I was ok and that the more I shared my story with people who loved me that I would be accepted just as I was.

I went on to share about my compulsive eating disorder to my closest and dearest friends.  When they heard about my struggle with bulimia every last one of them had no idea what I was suffering with.  They felt sadness for what I was going through and guilt for not recognizing my struggle to help me sooner.

Struggling with food makes you a human like everyone else.  Having bulimia doesn’t make you a bad person, only someone who needs support, strength, and the help it takes to fully recover.

As humans we learn from each other.  By contributing to this process, by sharing my eating disorder stories I felt that I was giving others the permission to do the same.  More and more, women are coming forward to say, yes, I am bulimic, and I want to share my stories with other bulimic people.

When a community comes together, it creates the power to heal.

We want you to come forward to share your story to not only heal yourself, you help others who suffer from bulimia.

I want to hear from you!

I want to hear your eating disorder stories; your thoughts, your emotions, and anything else you want to contribute to others on their journey.  And so do the thousands of people who visit this website.

Email me your story


use the comments section below to share your story now.

Do You Have A Personal Bulimia Story? Share It Here!

I have shared my bulimia stories to help you, if you are suffering wit bulimia, to recognize you are not alone. I would really appreciate it if you would share your story, too!

Be totally honest with your story. It’s great way of releasing some of your burden! A problem shared is a problem halved :)

Your bulimia story will be extremely valuable! It lets other sufferers know that they’re not alone.

Please email me your story of recovery so it can be published here to uplift and inspire people forever after.

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