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Bulimia Self-Help Tools for Lasting Recovery

Recovering From Bulimia Is In Your Hands And With These Tools It’s Possible

Bulimia Self Help Tools and Resources

There are many self-help resources available if you have bulimia to help you beat bulimia for good. Some of these I’ve tried during my own recovery, some I’ve learned about from others recovering from bulimia.  I look forward to sharing these powerful tools and techniques I’ve found  so you can start thriving in recovery, too.

In this section you will find both traditional and alternative resources for bulimia self-help.

There is no replacement for the professional bulimia help that therapy and support groups can provide, but whether you choose to work with a therapist, enter a residential treatment program or participate in a 12 step type program, there’s a lot of information and resources available to make your journey a little easier.

Here’s a quick list to jump to the various bulimia self-help resources available:
Structured Meal Plans >
Visualization and Vision Exercises >
The Law of Attraction >
Meditation and Prayer >
Motivational and Inspirational Videos >
Eating Disorder Books and Audio Books (coming soon!)

You can also read below for a brief overview of each section.

My Bulimia Recovery Stories Book

I have compiled many bulimia recovery stories, including my own, of women who beat bulimia for you to download in a free downloadable eBook. Every woman’s recovery journey is unique. This eBook has been so inspiring for many people and tells you what forms of bulimia help worked and didn’t work for them along the way.

There are so many traditional options available to help you if you’re interested in recovering from bulimia and anorexia. The most common methods include cognitive behavioral therapy, nutritional counseling, treatment centers, and support groups. But there are also many things you can do on your own to keep you going and supplement your recovery, and I can attest that these bulimia self-help resources are both powerful and effective. Yes, this stuff works!

Bulimia Self-Help Tools

Structured Meal Programs >

A part of nearly every doctor-recommended recovery program for bulimia, structured meal plans can help you balance your body’s nutritional needs so you stop the cravings and get back to a healthy state of mind and body.

Visioning Processes & Exercises >

There are many ways to experience the benefits of visualization. Vision boards along with daily life visioning has helped me realize that my mind is actually a tool for healing. Learn these visioning processes to manifest the life you want to live.

The Law of Attraction >

Using the premise of the law of attraction and law of allowing from the teachings of Abraham [Hicks] you’ll learn the single most powerful way I’ve personally used to achieve lasting bulimia recovery. If you are aware of the movie or book called The Secret, you already know that the law of attraction means that your thoughts and feelings create a vibration and becomes what you attract into your life.

Meditation and Prayer >

Once I found out how incredible vision exercises and connecting with my Source or higher self were to manifesting what I wanted in my life – I was hooked! I began to incorporate meditation and prayer into my life regularly. Meditation is a way to calm the mind so you become less focused on food, calories, your body, or any of the problems that your mind creates and remember what a powerful being you truly are.

Motivational and Inspirational Videos >

I can’t say enough about the power of inspirational videos to change your energy and emotional state. I’ve gone from surviving to thriving in my recovery because I listen to and watch these inspirational videos every day.

Bulimia Books

The wonderful thing about the world today is the access we have to so much wonderful information. There are two books I’ve enjoyed most along my journey with the first being Bulimia: A Guide to Recovery (a true classic that was written I believe in the 1980’s by the founder of The second is my go-to book for bulimia recovery techniques and that’s Brain Over Binge by Kathryn Hansen. You can read my review of Brain Over Binge for more details and I’ve interviewed Kathryn on my blog twice with audio podcasts available for listening to. 

Let’s Stay Connected!

As I mentioned, bulimia recovery is possible! It requires willingness, perseverance, and tons of self-acceptance and love. With the self-help resources that are available today, you have an amazing choice of positive techniques to reinforce your conventional eating disorder therapies.

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