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The Law of Attraction

Learn this powerful alternative to overcoming your eating disorder

The law of attraction helped me overcome my eating disorder and if you apply it to your life, I believe it can help you, too.

My favorite teachers of this law are from The Secret – Jerry & Ester of Abraham-Hicks.  Also known as the teachings of Abraham.

Most of you have probably seen the movie or read the popular book The Secret.

If you have, then you already know how compelling the secret law of attraction is and how it has helped so many people change their lives. I’ve used it in my bulimia recovery with excellent results.

What is The Secret Law of Attraction?

For those of you who haven’t yet connected to the amazing teachings channeled by Ester Hicks since 1985 and recorded by her husband, Jerry, the secret is actually no secret at all!

The Secret is Law of Attraction(LOA).  It is wisdom accumulated throughout the centuries by the world’s most powerful philosophers, scientists, and artists. The teachings of Abraham are continually transmitting known and proven universal laws that help us channel health, power, joy, and infinite possibility.  By observing and consciously paying attention to your vibration, you can turn suffering into health, weakness into strength, and despair into joy!

Sound to easy to be true? The law of attraction follows the premise found in visioning processes that use imagery and positive thought to change how you feel (emotions and vibration) about your life.  And as you focus on the positive, the Universe responds in kind, giving you exactly what makes for a healthy and productive life.  Helping you make a full recovery from bulimia!

Like Attracts Like (We Get What We Feel)

The law of attraction as taught by Abraham says this:

“That which is liken to itself is drawn.”

Just as magnets attract each other, we are energetic beings that transmit a vibration. The teachings of Abraham are that we are a physical extension of non-physical energy and are here on Earth to experience freedom and happiness.  It is up to us to focus on our emotions (or guidance system as they call it), and when we concentrate on and positively effect our vibration, we attract what we are a match to into our life.

We attract what we focus on.

By observing where we put our attention we can discover what we are actually choosing in our reality from moment to moment.  Those of us with eating disorders tend to put an undue amount of attention on food, which keeps us in the unhealthy loop of binging and purging, finding fault with our body, and falling deeper into self-loathing and despair.

Change your focus, change your life!

To use LOA to overcome bulimia, focus on the qualities you appreciate in yourself.  As you accept these qualities and see them as an integral part of who you are, your negative self-image will begin to fade.  As you start to feel love for yourself as you are, the Universe helps you on the rest of your healing journey.

The Law of Attraction creates a momentum where the healing process accelerates as you stop resisting health.  The better it gets the better it gets. When you treat yourself with kindness, you stop resisting well-being.  The universe then responds by giving you more and more reasons to love, appreciate, and celebrate yourself.  These sensations of joy and love are more addictive than any eating disorder could ever be!

How does the Law of Attraction Work?

As an alternative treatment for bulimia, the law of attraction is a powerful method I’ve personally used during my recovery.  It works with the premise that our thoughts are guided by our emotions. If we have a negative thought, this creates a negative emotion that attracts a negative situation. You may want to work with an eating disorder therapist or utilize the help of a bulimia support group, but consider this process in addition to other treatment programs.

Noticing your negative thoughts and feelings is a key part of becoming aware of what you’re attracting.  What you think about a feel about you bring about.  I call it  emotionalizing.   If you’re constantly thinking and feeling negatively, that’s what you’re attracting or manifesting more of in your future.  Being aware of your thoughts can be too cumbersome because we have some 60,000 thoughts a day.  It’s easier to focus on what feelings a thought produces.

If you catch yourself feeling negative feelings (anger, frustration, overwhelm) you’re actually vibrating at a lower level on the scale. Vibrating with positive emotions (joy, love, hope) are the opposite end of the scale.  Moment by moment it’s important to use your feelings to guide you as to how you’re vibrating.  When you start turning your vibration and hence emotions more often to those of happiness, hope and love you will begin to attract more opportunities for these feelings into your life.

By paying attention and feeling your way to hope, joy and love, you can create whatever kind of reality you desire.  And there are no limits to what you can achieve!

Powerful Three Step Process

In the great book by Abraham-Hicks Ask and It is Given they identify the powerful three-step process of the Law of Attraction. They are as follows:

Ask: We all are born knowing how to ask, or to pray for, the things we want in our lives. Our lives naturally cause us to sk or want things.  Well, here’s what most of us
don’t get; asking is just the beginning.

Believe: This is the most important step of the three. While asking let’s the Universe know what you want if you don’t believe you’ll have it…you won’t.  Your work is to tune your internal vibration to one where you believe that you will have it.  We get what we expect.

Receive: Once you believe and are a vibrational match to your desire you will need to be open and receptive to receiving what you’ve asked for. I call it positive expectation.  It’s critical to be open to the where, when and how the Universe will deliver what you’ve asked for.

Breaking down your resistance to well being

The way to beat bulimia is to accept the natural state of well being that surrounds you and your body naturally gravitates towards.  Choose health and joy by focusing on positive emotions that attract the life you want and deserve.

It takes practice and awareness to focus on the positive, but I know from experience if you practice and expect good things to happen to you…they absolutely will. By the law of attraction you’ll see how the results come as a part of your bulimia recovery process. By focusing on what truly brings you happiness and joy, a pathway is created to make these very things a reality.

Healing from bulimia in the here and now

Think about what you want right now rather than what happened to you in the past.  This keeps you in the present where your power lies. Practicing feeling as good as you can each day is part of feeling forward.  Your life will begin to unfold as you imagine it because the Universe always delivers what you’re a match to vibrationally.

Your dreams come true in the here and now.  The more powerful your desire and expectation, the faster you will have the life you want.  Through positive action, purpose, and focus anything you imagine can be yours, including lasting recovery from bulimia.  The law of attraction works whether you believe in it or not.  Try using it today for yourself.