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Bulimia Self Help Techniques

Methods you can use to heal yourself from your eating disorder

Self Help TreatmentsAs a former bulimic, I want to introduce you to the many bulimia self help techniques I’ve learned to help you find lasting recovery from your eating disorder.

I used these many of these methods to find my way out of a 20 year struggle with an eating disorder.

I used conventional therapy and eating disorder support groups in the beginning, but later learned some alternative techniques to reinforce positive thinking that really was the key to my lasting recovery.

Whether you binge and purge from time to time, have a binge eating habit or your eating disorder is more serious, the reason why you’re here is because you want to stop binge eating. Period.

Whether you have a strong will and feel you can do it on your own or you are looking for or already involved in deeper therapy to overcome bulimia, these self help techniques will serve you.  I encourage you to seek counseling or the community provided through support groups.  There is no substitute for these proven methods.  However, if you want to explore your options then you’ve come to the right place.

I have used all of these resources and continue to use them to grow and expand my consciousness.  I found my way from deeply engulfed in an eating disorder to non-bulimic, to surviving without an eating disorder to now thriving in my recovery.  Wherever you are in your recovery from a food addiction, know that complete recovery is possible and self-help may be a viable option for you.

An age-old practice, use hypnosis to send positive messages to your subconscious mind.  Through subtle suggestion, this is a way to help you reinforce positive habits while feeling better about yourself.  Another great thing about hypnosis is that you can listen to them over and over again, whenever you feel the need. (this link now takes you to one of my very favorite hypnotherapists with videos on YouTube – Michael Sealey.)

Visualization techniques are easy to learn and help you access positive images that trigger positive vibrations and change your point of attraction.  When you can imagine positive future realities, you can manifest them when you begin to believe.

The Law of Attraction
Using this beautiful and undeniable universal law expressed in the Abraham-Hicks material, as well as in The Secret, you begin to understand that what you think is what you attract.  By changing the pattern of your thoughts, you can change your reality.  Using this precept, the Law of Attraction is an ideal bulimia self-help tool to help you find freedom from your eating disorder.

Calming the mind through meditation takes the focus off food, your body, and your problems that contribute to your overeating disorder.  By connecting with your higher self, or Spirit, you begin to realize what is really important in life.  Adding prayer to your meditations allows you to leverage the law of attraction to determine your future self.

If you haven’t already, download my ebook to learn from the true life stories from other bulimics who have overcome their eating disorder to find full recovery.

Please Share What’s Working for You!
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