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Bulimia Treatment Options

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Being bulimic doesn’t have to mean forever.  You can find a bulimia treatment that will lead you to lasting recovery, just like it did for me.

There are many treatment options that you can choose from, depending on the severity of your disorder, your locale and needs.  Often several eating disorder treatments combined are the best way to help overcome the emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of your condition.

Bulimia is a highly destructive disease that affects the mental state along with the entire body.  It will deplete the nervous, digestive, immune, and emotional systems the longer it is left untreated.  And if you are like I was, the level of stress increases the longer you keep your problem hidden.

Finding Your Bulimia Treatment

It is not difficult to locate the right bulimia treatment for you, but it may take a little work before you find just the right thing that will work for you. You can ask for referrals from your general practitioner or therapist, research the many online resources in and around where you live, or if you are a student, contact your campus counseling or medical center.

Recovery from bulimia will have its ups and downs.  But with the right food addiction treatment, you will see the end in sight as you take the journey towards permanent health and recovery.

Eating Disorder Therapy (Individual, Group and Family)

The most popular form of food addiction treatment is through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which solves emotional and behavior problems through a goal-oriented protocol.   There are many different ways to experience bulimia nervosa treatment therapies such as in the following settings:

One-on-one treatment – providing a safe and private atmosphere with a tailored system of recovery guided by a professional therapist.
Group therapy – where you can share and learn from others with the same condition under the guidance of a trained therapist.
Family therapy – where a therapist works with your entire family to help further a more in-depth healing procedure.  This is especially good for teens who live at home.
Remote/phone session treatment – allow you to work one-on-one in a private setting from the comfort of your home.

Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

In- patient or outpatient treatment centers are excellent ways to put your bulimia nervosa treatment in the hands of caring professionals who can tailor a comprehensive program to suit your needs.

Eating Disorder Support Groups & 12 Step Programs

Hundreds of support groups exist across the country and around the world.  The largest group, Overeaters Anonymous, is based upon the 12 step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous.  Support groups can be used individually and in conjunction with other therapies to provide self-help while also giving you a strong supportive network that you can trust during recovery.

Bulimia Self Help Treatments

There are several self-help treatments that can be powerful adjuncts to conventional therapy.  Here are a few:

Visualization – where you learn how to access positive images that attract a healthful reality.
The Law of Attraction – where you learn to change your thinking patterns in order to attract health, abundance, love, and positive energy.
Meditation – learn how to calm your mind in order to take the focus off food, your body, and other problems while connecting you to your higher self.

Alternative Bulimia Treatments

Alternative bulimia treatments can also be essential tools to use alongside your conventional therapy.  Some include:

Acupuncture – balances energy and creates internal balance.
Aromatherapy – which uses specific herbs to promote health and internal balance.
Yoga – connect the body and mind through specific postures and breathing protocols to promote health, internal balance, and a peaceful connection to life.
Meditation – create a mindful awareness and to strengthen focus on positive thoughts and images.
Visualization – where you use your imagination to create and focus on positive images for healing.

You can overcome your eating disorder

Whatever methods you chose as your bulimia treatment, with compassionate and nurturing professional guidance you will absolutely be able to overcome your eating disorder.