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Inspirational & Motivational Videos

Videos Are a Wonderful Way to Focus the Mind and Get New Inspiration


YouTube Logo - GetBusyThriving ChannelBe sure to check out my YouTube channel to watch the videos I have published on bulimia recovery.

You can also see the videos I’ve loved and added to my personal playlist at GetBusyThriving Playlist.

I’m a huge fan of inspirational speakers such as Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Robin Sharma, Eric Thomas and many more. These videos have inspired me during my recovery and beyond. I hope they help you, too.

Abraham-Hicks Videos

Addictions and Momentum

Low Self Esteem and Separation From Well Being

Self Appreciation Part 1 & 2

I Love My Body (Mix)

Be Happy – Use Inner Guidance

Being Free of Other’s Opinions

The Easiest Way to Start Positive Momentum

How to Relax About Money

It’s All About Love

Make Your Peace With Now

Bless Your Food

Living Life in Appreciation

Motivational Videos I Love