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Welcome to My Bulimia Recovery Website

Former Bulimic, Now Recovery Coach – Let Me Help You To Thrive Again!

If you’re here it’s because either you or a loved one is suffering, want bulimia recovery and need to know how to stop bulimia (or anorexia) forever.

If you’re ready to take action, read how I recommend you Get Started Now.

No matter how severe the problem, recovering from bulimia is absolutely possible!

You’ve just found one of the best resources for bulimia help and support to stop surviving your eating disorder and start thriving in your recovery. Read on to discover all the help for bulimia that is available here and through resources around the web.

My Bulimia Recovery Story

Like you or your loved one, I have a history of bulimia and have been recovered since 2005. My name is Polly Mertens and I am really glad you’re here. I’m a living example of how it is possible to overcome bulimia because I would binge and purge sometimes 10 times a day for 20 years. My bulimia recovery story began when I was 14 years old and over the years I tried all kinds of treatments and therapies.

Download my free book and read about my personal journey from binging and purging up to ten times a day to lasting recovery. Because I did it, I know you can, too!

Every woman’s road to recovery is unique. There are many valuable resources and treatments for bulimia recovery. They include:

In and Out-Patient Treatment Centers >

Whether you choose an in-patient or outpatient facility, the best treatment center to suit your needs is out there!  To discover which eating disorder treatment center is right for you read more…

Bulimia Support Groups >

Finding a support group is not as difficult as you might think. Addiction recovery groups help you stay on track through the help of others like you who are recovering from bulimia. To find out more about eating disorder support groups and how to find one you’re most comfortable with read more…

Nutritional Support & Emotional Eating Programs >

Focus on good dietary practices is key to helping you find your way back to health. In addition to psychological therapy, nutritional therapy will help you get strong while you develop new and lasting eating habits. To learn about the bulimia eating programs available read more…

Personal Transformation Programs >

Learning to change the image you have of yourself is one of the key things I teach when people want to learn how to stop bulimia. Breaking the chains of low self-esteem, creating a spiritual connection and becoming self-aware were the result of my personal transformation work. Work on your inner game and your life will be forever transformed. read more…

Personal Development Training >

Changing your mindset, focus and habits through personal development training provides you with bulimia self-help tools for maintaining an optimistic and healthy perspective on life. I chose to see myself as bigger than any problems (such as ED) and that’s been one of the keys to my lasting recovery. read more…

Self-Help Recovery Programs >

Using tools such as bulimia hypnosis, books on eating disorders, audio books, visualization exercises, meditation/prayer, and the Law of Attraction you can supplement traditional methods of bulimia recovery. I’m a big fan of the power of intentional focus and have learned that your vibration, or attitude, determines what you get in life. read more…

Bulimia Recovery Newsletter & CommunityMy mission through this website is to create a community where women feel inspired, understood, connected, beautiful, loved, loving, and overflowing with desire to live a joyful life. If I can be your guide so you transform yourself into the powerful woman you were meant to be and you begin (or continue) to lead a meaningful life free from bulimia where you are thriving, not just surviving, then our purposes are aligned and I’ve achieved my life’s purpose.

– Polly Mertens

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You can also download my free book now to read the inspiring stores written by recovered bulimics (including me) who want to share their triumphs over ED!

If you have feedback or want to connect with me directly about your bulimia recovery journey, please contact me. I love hearing bulimia stories of people who are sick and tired of their eating disorder and are ready to Get Busy Thriving!

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